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Folashade` Oyegunle

My name is Folashadé Oyegunle, I was born in Boston, Massachusetts to two Nigerian immigrant parents and one of 3 siblings. As a child I moved around, living in London before my family finally settled in Florida, making Tampa my home. I have spent the last ten years hustling in the spa industry, first finishing school to get my certifications for skin and nail care, then I started from the bottom working in everyday nail shops. Over the course of 8 years, I worked my
way up to prestigious day spas, ultimately hitting the peak of my career, receiving the best training and quality spa experience from Orlando’s top 5-star resorts.

For a long time, I knew inside my heart that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it was not until the last 2-3 years that I was very certain. I knew that I wanted to build my own future, and my heart wasn’t into working for others anymore. I followed my dreams, kept working, stayed focused, and most importantly stayed positive. Some people told me that I was crazy, and to not take a leap of faith and start my own business, but I didn’t listen to negativity or downplay my own goals. Knowing that God will do things in his in time, I trusted in him and he made my hopes a reality. I was able to take advantage of an opportunity to rent out my own space and from there I built the luxury spa of my dreams!

At the Spa by Folashadé, our experience is designed with wellness in mind. Our private space is clean, quaint, tranquil and relaxing – the minute you step in, you instantly escape the busy and hectic life of the outside world. Natural nail care and skincare are our specialty so we utilize the finest ingredients and techniques to enhance your natural beauty. Acrylics and other artificial nail services damage the nails and skin severely, so we omit the use of these harsh treatments and use the finest natural ingredients to re-strengthen and revive dry cracked skin and nails. We also offer other skincare services such as full body waxing and facials designed to address the specific needs of your skin. Our licensed massage therapist are highly trained in various therapeutic techniques that relax and heal both the body and mind. Most importantly, what makes the Spa by  Folashadé unique is our dedication to client satisfaction. Our devotion to customer service is unmatched, as we believe it’s not about quantity or making a lot of money, but about the quality of our service. As per our motto, “healing and beauty for the body and soul, honored with a crown”, we truly treat each guest to the spa like royalty.

God willing, I will continue to grow at this location, but I have plans to open other locations in the future. I plan to train a team of highly skilled and passionate therapists to manage the spa, that way I can fully focus on expansion of my brand. I also see myself with my own natural skincare
line catering to women of color. I want to travel to and attend spa expos around the world to discover the latest and most innovative techniques, trends, and products in the industry to enhance our spa experience for our lovely clients.

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